Gunnar Bylunds Package

Gunnar Bylunds Handels AB specialises in the produktion of wood packaging. We manufacture both standard and customerspecific solutions for the packaging, storage and transport of goods.

The manufacturing of wood packaging items such as pallet collars, pallets, boxes, wooden crates, etc forms the bassis of our production. Our product range is being constantly developed as stricter demands are made in terms of the environment, flexibility and market optimisation. New wood packaging solutions and areas of application are emerging. Horticulture and retail displays are examples of this.

Our business concept is to develop and provide customer-specific packaging solutions that meet the market´s requirements for quality, flexibility and environmental responsibility. Our vision is to be the best environment-friendly alternative for our customers.

We are approved by the Swedish Board of Agriculture and manufacture packaging in accordance with ISPM15 standards. The timber we use in production is heat-treated and comes from Swedish sawmills.

We look forward to welkoming you as a customer!

Gunnar Bylund with the staff